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I may have jumped the gun by starting with a more recent update first.  I guess I should start back at the beginning…

As soon as we closed on our house, we started several projects immediately — we replaced our roof, removed the scruffy edges on the extra carport (aka “winnie hole”),  added hardwood (red oak) floors in the living room, dining room, kitchen/den, and laundry room to match the floors in the back half of the house, screened and recoated the hardwood floors in the back half of the house, replaced the two sliding glass doors from the kitchen/den out onto the porch with French doors, removed doors between the kitchen and dining room and between the den and entry way, painted the wood panelling in the den, painted the cabinets in the kitchen, replaced the old cabinet hardware, replaced the sink and range/hood, replaced a single wall oven with a double one, added granite tile kitchen countertops, added a beadboard backsplash, replaced a few light fixtures, added a chair rail in the dining room, added crown moulding in the living room and dining room, and painted lots of rooms.  It was a busy first few months!

We hired out most of it but handled the painting (all but the kitchen/den and dining room), granite tile countertops, beadboard backsplash, light fixtures, and double oven ourselves (with the help of Michael’s dad).  (We initially tried to paint the cabinets ourselves but were discouraged when the dust from sanding kept ending up in the paint even though we thought we had gotten it all off — if only we had known about tack cloths then!)

Everything (except for the kitchen/den, which were almost the color of the red oak floors) was originally beige.  Here are the colors we painted in that first go-round:

  • Kitchen/Den – Snowbound by Sherwin-Williams
  • Dining Room – Roasted Pepper by Duron
  • Guest Bedroom 1 – Caraway by Behr
  • Master Bedroom – Toasted Wheat by Behr

Here are the before pictures of the kitchen/den area with carpet in the den and linoleum in the kitchen, two sets of sliding glass doors, an odd door from the den into the entry way, stained walls and cabinets, a wagon wheel hanging over the area for the kitchen table, laminate countertops and matching backsplash, and appliances from the 1960s.  Enjoy :)

Kitchen, Before 1

Kitchen, Before 2

Kitchen/Den, Before

Den, Before

Here are the pictures of the kitchen/den area after the hardwood floors were put in, the cabinets and walls were painted white, the sliding glass doors were replaced with French doors, the odd door from the den into the entry way was removed, the wagon wheel hanging over the area for the kitchen table was removed, granite tile countertops were installed, a beadboard backsplash was installed, a new sink was put in, and the appliances from the 1960s were replaced.

Kitchen/Den, with French Doors and Hardwood FloorsKitchen, with Painted Cabinets and New Appliances

Here is a before picture of the dining room (with carpet, beige walls, and weird door between it and the kitchen) and a picture after the crown moulding and chair rail were put up, the walls were painted red, the weird door was removed, and the hardwood floors were put in (but before they were stained).

Dining Room, 2003 #1

Dining Room, 2003 #2

Here is a before picture of the living room (with carpet), a picture after the hardwood floors were put in and crown moulding was put up, and another picture after the hardwood floors were stained and sealed.

Living Room 2003 #1

Living Room 2003 #2

Living Room 2003 #3

Until next time…  later tater.

Ever bought a house and known that before you can get cozy you will have to get a kajillion tasks done?  Or had a wagon wheel light in your kitchen?   

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