frame fix-up

Some days, I’m really good at breaking things.  A couple of days ago, I had one of those days.  I was trying to dust an end table in our den and managed to knock over half of the contents of the table — and break several things…  I broke a cute little ribbed mercury glass votive — luckily, that little votive had a cousin who had been hibernating in our basement and was ready and willing to fill in (this is where hoarding tendancies are quite handy.)  I also broke the picture frame sitting next to that votive (again!).  I’m guessing my lack of direction-following on the Gorilla Glue last time may be to blame for the frame breaking again — at exactly the same points that I glued before.

Broken Frame

So, this time, I decided I would not only follow the directions, but I’d up my chances of the frame making a full recovery and use a band clamp to hold it in place while it dried instead of just laying it down and hoping for the best.

Ratcheting Band Clamp

I also realized I should let it dry longer this time, and thought it might be wise to let it do so on wax paper — unfortunately, I didn’t have any, so I used parchment paper instead…

Broken Frame and Glue

Once I followed the instructions and only wet one side of each joint and then applied the glue, I used the clamp to hold it all nice and snug until it was good and set.

Frame Clamped

Now, it’s all patched up, minus the missing piece of glass and the little beads I knocked off while trying to clean up the excess glue.  Thinking I may end up spray painting the frame to give it some spunk (and camouflage the remaining scars from its recent injuries).

Frame Fixed

Am I the only one who seems to break at least one thing any time I try to clean?  Or who is obsessed with mercury glass?  (Or who thinks it makes a great place to hide an ugly TV remote?)

board, batten, and bright yellow paint

Entry Board & Batten Picture Ledge

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