board, batten, and bright yellow paint

Ok, so once again I’m jumping around and right into another more recent update — sorry, I’m a bit of a spaz…  Today, I’m going to show you the progression of our entry way from beige to bright to board and batten – woohoo!

When we moved in, the entry was beige with a bronze light and doors with crazy-high windows (so there was no seeing who was there before you opened it).

Entry, circa 2003

So, we painted the walls what I call squash yellow (Behr calls it Rye) and began decorating the little five-by-seven room.

Entry, circa 2006

A few years later, we added crown moulding and replaced the front doors with these much more energy efficient beauties :)

Entry, circa 2010

Then, I finally figured out where I was going to start with my board and batten craze — the entry!  I used this blog and this one for inspiration.  Once I had it all planned out, Michael’s dad and I installed it as the first project in my big house redecorating project.  We went with MDF 1x3s (verticals and top board of shelf), 1x6s (horizontals), and 1x2s (support board of shelf) and used Liquid Nails to secure it all (with temporary screws to hold it until the Liquid Nails was set).

Entry Board & Batten 1

For the shelf, we stacked a 1×3 flat on top of a flat 1×2 and nailed them down into the top horizontal board.

Entry Board&Batten 2

We had a painting company paint it white (custom matched color to our existing moulding) for us using a paint sprayer to get a nice smooth finish.  We also painted the wall above the shelf gray (Sherwin-Williams Silverplate).  And, I finally got my hands on that light fixture that I had been wanting to change since I first laid eyes on it — I removed the etched glass pieces and spray painted it Rustoleum Universal Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze.  Much better.  Still not sure I love it, though.  Thinking I may try to find some plain glass pieces (like from picture frames) to replace that etched glass or to just replace it altogether with something more squared and lantern-y.

(The shelf at the top is level, but in the picture below it looks like the closer piece is higher due to the perspective.)

Entry, circa 2012

Entry Board & Batten Picture Ledge

Still to Do:

  • Paint that little square of white in the bottom/top middle of the doors black
  • Replace the light fixture?
  • Figure out how to hang wreaths on these new-ish new doors (the magnetic ones I got don’t work well on double-paned windows — cue the game show wrong-answer noise — bwah bwah bwaaah)
  • Style the shelf

Anyone else love, love, love board and batten walls like I do?  Would I be insane to add them down the adjacent long hall, too?  Or across the living room into the dining room?

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7 thoughts on “board, batten, and bright yellow paint

  1. I love your entry way. Not sure about the hall. May be too much. I know you will make the right decision and it will be gorgeous.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, Angie! The top of our shelf (1×3) is 63.5″ above the floor, and the bottom of the supporting 1×2 is 62″ above the floor. Hope that helps!

    • The double doors are from Lowe’s in late 2010 and are by Reliabilt — they are their Fiberglass Oak Textured Doors, and we went with the option to have both sides painted black. Hope that helps – thanks for stopping by!

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