living room redesign time

About six months ago, we decided to redesign our living room so that it worked better for us — and our 12-month old.  We wanted to change up almost everything about our 21×13 room — we needed more seating, more storage, and more light, and we wanted a more casual vibe.  O, and I decided we needed to start calling it our “family room” instead of the “living room”…

Here is the mood board for the design of our new family room.

Living Room Mood Board

A – I was totally inspired by this amazing fireplace makeover Layla and Kevin shared at The Lettered Cottage a few years ago.  I just loved all the white wood with the painted brick and the stained mantel.  When we were coming up with our design for the new family room, we knew we wanted to a do a long wall of built-in bookshelves for storage but were trying to come up with a way to make it not so monotonous by adding something in the middle.  Once we decided on a fireplace for the middle, I knew exactly which one I wanted it to look like!

B – We had just painted the entry way gray, so we knew we wanted to bring the gray walls into the family room.  And, I was digging aqua but couldn’t quite commit to it as an accent color, until Michael’s mom found some cute pillows at HomeGoods with green, red, and aqua (see C below).

C – As I mentioned in the selection of the colors in B above, my mother-in-law found some really cute floral pillows at HomeGoods that had red (favorite color #1), grass green (favorite color #2), and aqua (currently trendy color that I’m digging but wasn’t sure how to incorporate into our home). (BTW, that may be the only time I use ‘really cute’ and ‘floral’ together — I am usually not a floral person. At all.)  She ended up returning the pillows because they were a couple of different sizes, and I found the fabric (Magnolia Home Fashions Sidney Tropic) at so we could make them ourselves in the right size.

D – To tackle our ‘more seating’ wish, we decided to replace our sofa and 2 chairs with a Karlstad sectional from Ikea based on Sherry and John’s glowing review at Young House Love.  We decided to copy them and go with the 2+3/3+2 corner sofa and the add-on chaise lounge, but in white, though — I know, hold the phone — what are we thinking with a toddler and two dogs that own the place?!?!

E – In an effort to re-use at least one big item from our living room, we decided to keep the Braided Jute Rug from Ballard Designs that I snagged at the Ballard Backroom (their outlet) a few months earlier.  I love natural rugs.  And, I know we won’t be able to find anything nearly this large for anywhere near what I paid for this rug.

F – To decorate our new bookshelves, we decided to use mainly white items (since we’re painting the back of the bookshelves in a gray that is a shade darker than the walls), including these adorable white ceramic owls from West Elm.

G – I found a couple of green and white chevron pillows at HomeGoods that were the perfect grass green color and was so excited, but I could never find a third one.  So, I  hunted them down on (Thro by Marlo Lorenz in Oasis Green — even though the color looks off on the Overstock’s site — they are really a bright grass green color) to get a third one.  And, I found the coordinating throw blanket on One Kings Lane shortly after.  Woohoo.

So, that’s it — at least, the plan.  We’re working on implementing it all now.  (Yeah, I just realize I used ‘implementing’ in there — did I mention I’m a computer nerd by day?  Well, now I did :))  I’ll post an update with our progress on the new family room in the next week or so.  I was hoping to wait and post it once everything was done, but if I wait on that, it may never happen :)

So, what is the over/under on the demise of the white sectional?  Any bets on which one of us does it in? 

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