pinterest inspired: toys turned art

As part of the Pinterest Challenge Young House Love and Bower Power do every season, I got geared up to make some bookends from toys to use in J’s future big boy room.  And, I knew I wanted to use cars or trucks for the toys since he eats, sleeps, and breathes them.  Pretty literally.

Pinterest Challenge Winter Edition

So, onto my Pinterest inspiration…

#1 from Bower Power – bookends made with dinosaurs from the dollar store

DIY Bookends from Bower Power Blog

#2 from Nellie Bellie – bookends made with giraffes from the dollar store

DIY bookends from Nellie Bellie

#3 from Live Love DIY – inspirational non-DIY dog bookends from PB Teen

DIY-ish bookends from PB Teen on Live Love DIY

Then, it was like serendipity when I ran across these little unfinished boxes for $3 each at the Target Dollar Spot.

Pinterest Challenge Target Dollar Spot

Using these boxes instead of just using bases for the cars would give me the option to have my project sit on a shelf as bookends or hang on the wall as art.  Options.  Woohoo.

I painted the outside of each of the boxes white (Ceramcoat Oyster White).  Then, I painted the bottom inside of each of them dark blue (Martha Stewart Crafts Deep Sea) and set out to find some cars or trucks to fit in the boxes.  J didn’t have any that would work in his toy bins, so I hit the dollar store but came up empty handed.  I found this school bus and dump truck at Wal-Mart for $3 each.

Pinterest Challenge Beginning

Then, I went back and forth about whether to paint all of the remaining inside walls dark blue, whether to paint all of the other inside walls white, or whether to paint all of the other walls royal blue and the “ceiling” light blue for an ombre/gradient effect…

But before I decided on how to paint the last four surfaces on each box, I decided to paint the little cars I found at Wal-Mart dark blue.  After I had a couple of coats of paint on the trucks, I did a quick test to see which direction to go next.  The iPhone test.  Took a picture of the truck with the light background (ala unfinished) and one with a dark background (ala scrap paper).  I jumped on Team Blue because I thought the blue one felt more interesting to me (even though this crazy-dark blue doesn’t photograph well).

Pinterest Challenge White v Blue

I painted the remaining sides of the interiors of each box dark blue and added a third coat of paint on the vehicles.  And sat and watched the paint dry.

Pinterest Challenge Watching Paint Dry

So, there you have it, my version of using toys to make bookends/art.  Can’t wait to use these in our little one’s big boy room.  Cars and trucks are his jam.

Pinterest Challenge Truck Bookends

Check out the projects the hosts of the Pinterest Challenge have posted on each of their sites:
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Pssst – were you expecting a family room update post today?  I’ll be posting about the fake fireplace brick facade on Friday.  (If you want to catch up on our family room revamp, you can read about it here, here, here, here, and here.)

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13 thoughts on “pinterest inspired: toys turned art

  1. I’m clicking over from the Pinterest Challenge – your bookends are adorable! I love how you put the trucks inside the box. You could go so many directions with this! Awesome job!

  2. Very cute! I’ve been eyeing all the crafts made out of toys that are popping up lately, too. Did you find those boxes at Target recently? I.e…..would they maybe still be there if I went to look for them? :)

  3. Cool idea. My children have tons of books, i guess i never thought about making them bookends. I also like to way the bookends look unpainted, might be a cool way to add some color to a room.

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