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Ok, I’m finally enough past being exhausted and overwhelmed that I can give you a recap of my Blissdom experience last weekend…

As I mentioned, there were some awesome speakers: Scott Stratten, John Morgan, and Jon Acuff, to name a few.

Scott Stratten had me laughing the entire time.  Unfortunately, his keynote was first thing in the morning, so I wasn’t fully awake functional yet and don’t have super notes or many any pictures.  But I can tell you it was an excellent message about your brand being much more than your logo – and about being social on social media.

John Morgan gave a great talk on branding.  And pointed out that 20% of people will love you no matter what but 20% will hate you no matter what.

Jon Acuff was awesome.  And, luckily for me, he was the closing keynote, so I was fully awake by then :)  One thing he said resonated with me more than anything else I heard — never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.  Bam.  Hello, I do that every day.  Oops.

There was also some wonderful entertainment – my favorites were the Second City comedy folks and Amber Riley from Glee.  No, they didn’t perform together.  But that could have been fun!

Blissdom 2013

There were some really cool items for sale in the Handmade Marketplace.  I got several new prints for my entry way ledge (post coming soonish), and I got several fun new bracelets from Threads by The Shine Project.

Last, but not least, there were so many amazing people there.  Admittedly, I was a bit nervous about meeting the other bloggers – especially the ones whose blogs I read or who just look super-put-together and intimidate me.  But everyone that I met was soooo nice.  Seriously, if you’d asked me on my way into the newbie get-together that first night, I would have said I came with one friend (my sister/roommate for the weekend – seen making that crazy face in the collage above and in this post and this one) and would likely leave with just that one.  But I made some real connections.  And am so excited about keeping in touch with them all.

Am I still intimidated by the other bloggers who I didn’t get to meet?  Absolutely.  Am I overwhelmed with the new knowledge I have about all the things I should be doing?  Of course.  Am I inspired by all the great speakers?  You betcha!  Was I totally shocked to meet someone who said they had read my blog before?  You know it!!  Am I glad I went?  Totally.

brick-a lecca hi, brick-a hiney ho

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