that’s grrray-t

Yay.  Woohoo.  Hallelujah.  That’s grrreat grrray-t.  All of that.  We are finally done with painting the family room.

Here’s what it pretty much looked like these last few nights.  The resident stud around here has been painting until his my heart’s content each night after our son goes to sleep to get all of the detail work knocked out.  Isn’t he awesome?  Ok, sure, I’m laying it on pretty thick here, but I am super-appreciative for his help since 1) he didn’t want to do it and 2) I couldn’t have done it nearly as well as he did.  So, Michael if you are reading this…  Nevermind, I know I don’t have to finish that sentence since he won’t be reading it since it’s not about golf, football, basketball, or one of the other sports he loves.  O wait, I suppose now that I’ve included those words, it could come up in one of his web searches…  Oops.

Greatest Painter on Earth

So, the last time we repainted this room, we also repainted the vents to match the walls because we were too cheap to replace them all at that point.   The original brownish ones looked so dirty.

Original Vent - Yuck

So we painted them bright yellow like the walls.  So at least they blended in.

Vent Painted to Blend In

This time around, we sprung for some bright white new ones :)

New Bright White Vent

So. much. better.

So, without further ado, some beauty shots of our grrray-t new walls :)

Gray Walls - Right Side

Gray Walls - Left Side

Don’t mind that green blanket on the sectional — that’s me trying to protect the chaise from our dogs that have claimed it as their favorite new perch.  Coming up with a cuter way soon.

O, and now that the walls are painted and the furniture is back in place, we have decided to leave the bricks on the fireplace un-painted and the little ottoman squares the same color.  At least for now.  So, we’ve whittled it down to an almost-done list :)

Here’s what is left on the list:
– paint the wood “ceiling” in the fake fireplace black
– find/make curtains
– find/make art for walls
– decide whether or not to use a different (bigger) rug
– determine plan to protect the couch from stains

Do you have a great way of protecting your furniture from your pets?  Or children?  Or a great way to pretreat fabric to help protect it?  White: what were we thinking??

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