the beauty of gray

That is what started playing in my head as I was finishing up the second coat of paint in the hall.  (Any one else a Live fan back in the 90’s?)  Anyway, two coats did the job.  Woohoo.  Yay.  Heck yeah.  I am loving my new gray, er, Silverplate hall walls.

I was so excited as the second coat started to dry and I could no longer see pale yellow peeking through it.

Hall Painted 1

Hall Painted 2

And, well, my skills at the edge painting didn’t improve at all.  In fact, they declined over time.  As I saw the dried paint from the first coat a little out of the lines, I got a little less, well, diligent and a little more, um, sloppy.Hallway Paint Outside the Lines

So, now I’m definitely in need of a clean-up man.  And, I think after Michael got a good look at my cutting in skills, he knows he’s going to have to step in to handle the clean-up.  So much for being a one-man painting crew.  At least I tried.  Edges are not my friends…

O, and I was hoping to make a fancy return vent like the one Tricia made over at Simplicity in the South, but in the interest of time, I just painted the previously squash-colored return vent to match the wall for now.

Hall Painted Return Vent

And so, the snowball of repainting this house is getting even bigger.  There are five rooms off of this hallway, and they are painted shades of tan or green: Behr Fossil Stone, Behr Caraway, Behr Toasted Wheat, Behr Arabian Sands, Sherwin-Williams Great Green.  Wonder who will get a few fresh coats of paint next…

Here’s the hall makeover to-do list:
– Repaint/touch-up the moulding
– Rearrange the “gallery” and include a more interesting, less matchy-matchy arrangement
– Change out the light fixtures
– Update the rug
– Paint the console table
– Add some more personal art over the table

Have you ever been so proud of finishing a project all by yourself only to have to admit someone else is going to have to come in and bat clean-up? 

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