can’t stop this paint we started

At least that’s how it feels, anyway.  Every room we repaint ends up having an adjacent room that then needs to be repainted…  After we painted the entry hall gray (SW Silverplate, to be exact), we needed to address the rooms around it.  So, we first painted the family room the same gray.  And, now I’m finally painting the hallway gray, too.  Woohoo.  Only, it’s not done yet.  I wish.  It’s only got one coat so far, and the old pale yellow is showing through.  A lot.  So, I’m afraid I may end up having to go for three coats.  Eek.  Here’s to hoping the second coat will do the job…

On Monday, I had spackled the nail holes and a bunch of other random pits in the walls in preparation for all this painting.

Hallway Spackle 2

But before I could start, I had to sand the spackle down, tack off all the dust, and vacuum up the remainder of my mess.  Ugh.  Prep work is no fun.  There is no glory in prep work.  But we failed to do the tacking step when we tried to paint our kitchen cabinets a while back, and I definitely appreciate the value of it now.

So, once all the no-glory work was done, it was time to get out the paint.  Yay.  But, Michael made it pretty clear that he liked was fine with the pale yellow hallway and that I’d be painting it all on my own if I didn’t drop it.  In fact, I think he said something about me always starting a million things at a time.  And then MJ started singing ‘gotta be starting something’ and I didn’t hear the rest of his dissertation on why I should not paint the hall.

I digress, the point there was that I am not just the paint roller on this project, but also the cut-in man woman.  Ugh.  I hate cutting in the edges.  Again, not much bang for my elbow grease buck.  And mistakes are pretty obvious.

I survived as a singleton painting team.  At least for this first coat.  Here she is in her all of her splotchy, one-coat wonder.

Hallway First Coat of Paint

I really hope two coats does the trick.  Big bucks, no whammies.

Here’s the hall makeover to-do list:
– Finish painting the hall (SW Silverplate, like the entry and family room)
– Rearrange the “gallery” and include a more interesting, less matchy-matchy arrangement
– Change out the light fixtures
– Update the rug
– Paint the console table
– Add some more personal art over the table

Have you repainted a room and had it turn into a house repainting snowball? 

Feel like you missed a previous post on the hallway?  Catch up here and here.

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8 thoughts on “can’t stop this paint we started

    • Thanks, Laura! I was originally worried gray might be too dark for the hall since it doesn’t get much natural light, but the trim looks so much whiter and it feels brighter – weird :)

  1. Hi Katie. Found you via your comment on YHL carport arbor and just spent a while reading your blog from the beginning. I’m so glad you started out slowly! The hallway definitely needed to be painted. On its own it might have been okay but as you say, one room impacts the one next to it. Once you start it’s kind of a long haul as one thing leads to another. Congratulations on all your improvements. You’re doing a great job.

  2. Ditto. Love the hallway painted. I think it looks much brighter. Crossing fingers that only 2 coats required. Side note….I love doing the cut-in parts. I hate rolling. Call me up if mkk balks again.

  3. I’m so glad I found your blog! We bought a house three days ago and we had an idea of painting the living room gray. You are an inspiration! You have given me hope to remodel my old cape little by little. Your house looks phenomenal!

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