the spackle between

I was hoping to get the hallway painted this weekend, but well, I didn’t quite make it that far…  Here is what the hallway looked like when we left off with it a month ago up until a few days ago.

Hall, circa 2013 (a)

Hall, circa 2013 (b)Then, I took down all the pictures on the side walls and started spackling the nail holes from the pictures.  (I left the table and picture at the end for now since I know I’ll be painting the walls over several days and didn’t want to seem any more bare yet.  And I left the rug for now to help cut down on the noise while my son is sleeping, but I’ll roll it up when I start sanding and painting.)

Hallway Pre-Spackle

And realized there were a ton of other spots that needed to be filled.

Hallway Spackle 1

Especially this one corner.  There were a ton of what almost looked like pock marks in the wall around the corner there.  Kinda crazy.  So I loaded it up with some spackle.

Hallway Spackle 2

Now, I just need to sand down the spackle and start painting :)

And here’s the hall makeover to-do list:
– Sand down the spackle.
– Repaint the walls Sherwin Williams Silverplate, like the entry and living room.
– Rearrange the “gallery” and include a more interesting, less matchy-matchy arrangement.
– Change out the light fixtures.
– Update the rug.
– Paint the console table.
– Add some more personal art over the table.

Do you hate the prep work as much as I do?  I wish I could just break out the paint already! 

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One thought on “the spackle between

  1. Can’t wait to see what you do; might follow your lead here on our own bowling lane hall. Also – you are getting extra points for your titles…cracking me up! Miss you!

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