expecting number two

I can’t believe I was able to keep quiet this long.  When I was pregnant with J, I hardly made it 8 weeks before everyone knew.  But now, I’ve made it to 15 weeks in this pregnancy, so it’s time to share.  I’m due in November.  Yikes.  Last time, I was pregnant for the winter, so it will be a whole new (hot!) ballgame to be pregnant for the summer and fall.  On the upside, I get to buy some new (hopefully cuter?) maternity clothes since corduroy pants in Georgia in July seem insane dangerous.

Hopefully, my pregnancy explains the sporadic posting schedule I’ve been keeping lately…  I usually write my posts the night before they post (hello, procrastinator!), but lately I’ve been so tired after the day at work and hanging with J and Michael after dinner that I literally can’t stay awake.  Now, that I’m out of the first trimester, I hope the extreme tiredness fades away and that I can start getting some things done.  Maybe even get ahead on my post writing.  Yeah, maybe that is hoping for too much :)

O, and I know how cute it is when people post bump progress pics, but well, those people are not me.  I didn’t start out a model-thin person.  Ok, maybe I did – in junior high.  But, I wasn’t model-thin going into this pregnancy, and I am in that in-between stage right now where people don’t know if I ate an entire Krispy Kreme truck or if I’m pregnant.  So, until it is clear that I’m pregnant and not out eating down every buffet in town, I probably won’t post any pregnancy pics.  But, we’ll see.

We asked J what we should name the new baby, and his response was “cars…um…trucks…er”, so our working title for this new baby (until we find out the sex and give him/her a real name) is Carson Truckster, as dictated by J.  Sometimes when I talk about Carson being in my belly, I think he thinks there is an actual car in there…

Got any tips for preparing a two year old for another baby?  Suggestions for cute (not insanely expensive) maternity clothes for summer?  How long have you been able to keep a secret?

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