it takes two to make a thing go right

As in, it took me two attempts to get the silhouettes I made for the YHL/BP Pinterest Challenge worthy of hanging in our hallway and not the dumpster.  If you remember from Wednesday, the first attempt left us all with bubbly faces.  Boo.

Bubbly Silhouettes

So, yesterday I purchased some black poster board and prepared myself for my second attempt.  Big bucks, no whammies.

I taped the extra copies I had onto the poster board and traced around the edges.  (I didn’t press down hard enough on the first one and it made the next step much more difficult, but I learned my lesson and pressed down really hard for the next 3.)

Silhouettes Taped to Trace

Then, I cut out each of the silhouettes along the trace impression line in the poster board.  Added bonus: the new poster board silhouettes aren’t as shiny as the printed silhouettes so they reflect less light.

Silhouettes Cut Out

Then, Michael helped me spray adhesive on them and stick them on top of the others.  He was much better at lining them up than I was.  So glad he helped or you might be reading about silhouette debacle number two right now.

Then, I slapped them each back up on their Command Strips on the wall and started snapping pics :)

Silhouettes All Four

Silhouettes with Table

I must admit, I think we all look a heck of a lot better without all those bubbles on our faces. And bonus points for less glare. I still may end up framing them (without the glass), but we’ll see. For now, I like them just as they are. Movie reference anyone?? :)

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