ivy comes a creapin’ a-round

Now that I’ve gotten the ball rolling on our latest garage-end curb appeal project by planting a climbing plant to grow up and over the garage pergola we added last fall, I noticed how badly I need to trim the ivy on the left side of the garage.

Garage Big Picture

We planted the ivy about a year after we moved in to have something planted there, but we have ignored it for a while.  About nine years, to be exact.  Until we started the other projects out there, I didn’t even notice how out of control it had gotten.  But now it is time to deal with it.

I should mention that I’m not much of a gardener.  At all.  I was a tomboy growing up and loved to play in the dirt and definitely wasn’t scared of bugs back then.  And no one would accuse me of being prissy even now.  But I do not like to touch plants.  Or have bugs crawling on me.  So, in order to take on this task, I suited up with heavy-duty work gloves.  No plant touching for me.  O, and I had some clippers (technically bypass pruners), too.

Ivy Cutting Gloves and Clippers

I cut down everything I could reach from the sides because I didn’t want that plant in the front touching me.

Ivy After First Pass

And then I waited for Michael to get home so he could help me.

Michael Cutting Ivy

While he was hacking away at the ivy, J and I were busying drawing trucks and cars in the driveway a few feet away.

Trucks with J in the Driveway

After Michael was done with the sections he could reach and somewhat-easily get down, here is what we were left with.  In a week or so (once the remaining pieces have started to die), we’ll revisit the parts still on the house.

Garage Side after Ivy Cut

Garage Big Picture

We left the ivy spilling out of the built-in planter for now, but I think we may have to remove that at some point, too.

Ivy in Built-In Planter

Have you had to cut down any ivy?  Have any good tips for removing the remnants of the ivy from the brick?  Drawn any great driveway trucks lately?

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2 thoughts on “ivy comes a creapin’ a-round

  1. I love the driveway trucks! ;) Miss those days! My kids are grown…basically. No ivy here but yes that stuff sure can get out of control!! ;)
    Hope you’ve had a great weekend!

    • Yeah, we’ve learned our lesson about letting the ivy take over! Thanks, Nancy – hope y’all are having a great weekend, too!

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