pinterest inspired: modern silhouettes

As part of the Pinterest Challenge Young House Love and Bower Power do every season, I decided to make some modern silhouettes to hang at the end of our newly repainted hallway.

Pinterest Challenge Spring Edition

I had been planning to create some more personal art for the hall for a while and was totally inspired by all the silhouettes popping up out on Pinterest.

I love these adorable dog silhouettes from The Space Between.

The Space Between, Dog Silhouettes

And I like the idea from Apartment Therapy to have the silhouettes face each other instead of all in the same direction.

And I like the way The Domesticated Princess added a pattern behind the silhouettes to update them up a little.

I may still end up making silhouettes of our two dogs, but for now, I made silhouettes of Michael, J, and I.  And, to make it an even number, J got two.

To make the silhouettes, I opened each up in a blank tabloid size document (11″ x 17″) in Photoshop and Placed the photo on top.  First, I streched the photo to be big enough for my giant canvas.  Then, I made the photo layer about 90% opaque and then started tracing the outline onto the blank layer.  Once, I had it all traced, I just filled it in and cleaned up the edges.

Then, I saved them as PDF files so I could run up to FedEx Office (I will always want to call it Kinko’s!) and print them in black/white on the self-service machines for 0.20 each, plus tax.  So, 0.85 for all four.  Woohoo.  (I may have splurged and got doubles of each in case I messed up the next step…)

Next, I took them home and cut them out.  Easy enough.

Then, it was time to add the backgrounds.  I debated using digital scrapbook paper (or making my own digital design) and just overlaying the layers and having the whole thing printed so I could just adhere it to the board, but I waited too late to get started for that option.  Then, I thought about using wrapping paper to paper the backs, but I couldn’t find any that I loved the pattern and the colors.  So, I took four of the six 16″ x 20″ foam boards I bought (from Michael’s in packs of 3 – for 3.81 per pack with a 40% off coupon) and started taping stripes onto them with painters tape.  I made two with horizontal stripes and two with vertical stripes.  I know, I’m wild.  Then, I painted them all with the green I had left-over from the family room number paintings (Home Decorators Zesty Apple).

Taped Stripes

Painted Stripes

Once they were all dry, I glued the silhouettes onto them with my Scotch wrinkle-free glue stick (except for that first one that I wasn’t thinking and used regular old Elmer’s glue and was reminded to use the wrinkle-free kind…).

Then, I hung up the bottom two with Command Strips (and ran out of Command Strips).  I was thinking of framing them (without the glass) using some old frames I had, but the frames made them too big for the space — I may still end up framing them, but I’ll live with them for a bit and see…

Silhouettes Bottom Two

Then, after a quick run to get some more hanging strips this morning, I got them all hung up.  And noticed that the paint must not have been totally dry before I glued the silhouettes on last night because they all have wrinkles now – even the wrinkle free glue ones.  Big fail.  Need. more. patience. All Four Silhouettes

So, I’m planning to take the extra copies I have and trace them onto black poster board in the next couple of days and glue the thicker versions over these once I’m certain the paint is totally dry. Update: I fixed them by adding new silhouettes made of black poster board – you can check them out here.Silhouettes over Table

O, and the black in the silhouettes makes me kinda want to leave the demilune table black.  But if I do that, I will have to definitely get a fun rug!

Check out the projects the hosts of the Pinterest Challenge have posted on each of their sites:
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Do you love the classic look of silhouettes?  I am loving the classic look with the modern twist!  And not having glass on the art at the end of the hall so it doesn’t always just show a reflection of the overhead lights :)

Here’s what’s left on hall makeover to-do list:
– Repaint/touch-up the moulding
– Rearrange the “gallery” and include a more interesting, less matchy-matchy arrangement
– Change out the light fixtures
– Update the rug
– Fix the bubbly silhouettes 

Feel like you missed a previous post on the hallway?  Catch up here, here, here, and here.

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