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Last fall when we added the pergola over our garage doors, we knew we would need to circle back and plant something to grow over it.  But it took us a while to decide what to plant, and then the weather wasn’t right for planting…  Finally, we were able to get it planted.  We went with an evergreen clematis (Snowdrift Clematis Armandii) and had a little trouble finding one since they are pretty popular.  I finally found one online at a nursery not too far away in South Carolina and had them ship it to me.

Once it arrived, we got it planted.  Yay.  Finally something to grow over our pergola!  But, I was told to add a trellis on the brick wall to keep it from trying to find its way into cracks in the bricks and into the house.  So, I found a nice already-stained (the same color as our brick) 6-foot cedar trellis at our local garden center (Pike) for $25, and it fit the bill.  I was planning to just stab it into the ground with the little pointed ends when I got it home, but the tag had a note not to do that and to attach it to the wall above the ground instead.  Wow – this was getting more complicated by the minute.  I originally thought I’d be done as soon as the plant was in the ground…

Evergreen Clematis

So, I went to Home Depot to get some masonry screws.  At this point, I was planning to screw it flat up against the wall to the right of our garage.  Luckily, one of the guys at Home Depot told me I’d need to add some spacers behind it to allow the plant to grow better and showed me a 2×2 that would work.  So, I had them cut the 8-foot 2×2 in half so I could fit it in my car.  I was planning on using a 4-foot strip down each side of the back of the trellis and driving the screws through the trellis and the spacers and into the brick mortar (all with pilot holes drilled) all in one fell swoop.

Enter my father-in-law.  Thank goodness he came over to help.  Not sure if my husband asked him to come by after I told him I was going to get that task done after work and before I met him for dinner, or if my mother-in-law sent him once Michael told her.  Either way, I am very glad they did.  And that I didn’t have to be the one to ask for help :)

And he came with more tools.  Bonus.  And he had a better plan on how to hang the thing.  Instead of 4-foot sections of spacers, he cut down the 2×2 to 4-ish-inch spacers.  To give the plant room to grow more.  I wasn’t going to think of that.  At least not until it was caged in…

Trellis Spacers

After he cut the spacers down to size, he pre-drilled them, countersinking and all.  Then, he drilled pilot holes into the mortar with a masonry drill bit.

Drilling into Brick Mortar

And attached the spacers to the wall with the masonry screws.

Trellis Spacers Installed

And pre-drilled the trellis holes.

Drilling through Trellis

And attached the trellis to the spacers with deck screws.

Trellis Installed

Did I mention I was glad he came over to help???

I still need to go back and stain the little spacer pieces to blend in a little more and to begin training the clematis up onto the trellis.  Once I get that done, I’m going to have to start cutting that crazy ivy on the left side off of the house in preparation for planting another clematis on that side at some point.

Garage Big Picture

Can you even see the trellis in the wider shot above? Here is a little closer view. Blends in really nicely. It’s just there to support the evergreen clematis which will become the star of the show soon.

Invisible Trellis

Have you added a trellis lately?  Or almost screwed a trellis flat against the wall? 

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