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Lately, it seems like we’ve been doing a lot of repainting around here. Because, well, we sorta have. The entry, family room, hallway have all been repainted recently. And now, it’s time for our former guest room to get painted for its big transformation to J’s big boy room so he can pass the nursery down to his younger sibling this fall. So, as I mentioned when I showed you the mood board for this new room, after I tried a million times to find the perfect light/neutral-ish non-baby-y blue on my own, I turned to Kathleen at Northside Decorating to help me find the perfect one: Benjamin Moore Beacon Gray, a nice light blue with a hint of gray.

O wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.  Last time you saw the guest room, it looked like this.

Guest Room Bed

So, we had to clear out everything and fill all the nail holes in the walls.

Guest Room Empty Spackled Sanded

Then, it was time to paint.  Even though we got the no VOC kind of paint, I suited up with a mask to keep me safe and painted the first coat myself. But since I’m 4 months pregnant, it really bothered me that I still smelled fumes even with the window open, the fan on, and my mask.

So, the second coat went on Michael’s to-do list. And he came through.

Big Boy Room Painting

But he decided that since I’d already made a hot mess of the moulding when I painted, that he wouldn’t be his painstaking careful self and he would just go back and repaint all the moulding at the end. So, at least we are done with the wall color. But, he still has to go back and repaint the moulding. Here’s to hoping that won’t take forever for him to get around to…

Big Boy Room Two Coats of Paint

In the meantime, I’ve been on the hunt/stalk – for a light fixture, beds, a rug, blackout curtains.  You know, all the good stuff.

No luck on the beds so far, though there is something promising we’re going to see from Craigslist tomorrow – don’t want to jinx it, but I’ll tell you all about it next week :)

As for the light, well, I’ve been thinking of replacing the entry light for forever and I’ve been looking at lots of lights – some of them have been those cute little orb lights – but so far, none have been the right size and price.  But last Friday, Michael’s mom and I went to the Ballard Outlet, and lo and behold, they had a small one in white.  And even though I’d been debating one for the entry, I just knew I had to get it for J’s new room.  Woohoo!  The catalog price was 219.00, but the outlet price was 163.99.  And on that day, they were an additional 50% off, so I got it for 81.99 + tax.  Double-woohoo!

Big Boy Room Orb Light

Pretty much, the progress in J’s new room is slow.  Especially since I’m not allowed (by Michael) to do a lot of the things I would normally do since I’m with child, so I have to wait until Michael has time to do them for me.  Like painting.  (I get that after my first attempt.)  Or installing the light fixture.  I’m not allowed on a ladder.  Boo.

Hopefully, I’ll have fun news to report next week about being done with the painting and having found some beds.  I would say also to have the light fixture installed but that would definitely be pressing my luck.  O well, big bucks, no whammies :)

Big Boy Room Checklist
Clear out guest room furniture
Paint (2 coats of blue on the walls, but still need to repaint moulding)
Light (bought one, but still need to install)
Bedside Table
Something for the walls

Anyone else know the pain of having to wait on someone else to do something you are perfectly capable of but not allowed to do because you’re busy growing a human?  Ok, so the growing part doesn’t really have me that busy, but it sounded good :)

As a reminder, Google Reader will be going away in a few days, so if you use it, you may want to look into Feedly or Bloglovin or one of the other feed options that is out there.  Centsational Girl put out a great post about some of the options a few days ago.

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