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Now that things were starting to come together in J’s big boy room, it was time to make a decision on the rug. For the mood board, I picked the Loloi In/Out rug in blue and white from Rugs USA. But I knew even then I might go with the red and white instead. But I knew I loved that rug. So, I went back and forth between which color to choose. Blue or red. Red or blue.

Big Boy Room Rug Colors

I decided on the blue since I wanted to use red more as an accent color, and it would make it easier to change things up in the future if all the bigger things stayed more neutral. Yay, so one decision down: blue.

Now, I needed to decide on which size and where to buy it from.

When I went back to revisit my rug options online, I noticed that most of my options were out of stock at Rugs USA, so I started looking for other places on the web selling the same rug. And I got super-lucky when I went to and searched for Loloi and it came up. Woohoo. (Overstock often won’t list the brand or model name, but if you search by it, the product will usually come up if they have it. Sometimes, reviewers will mention the brand or model in their reviews also.) They are calling it the Hand-braided Cromwell Rug right now.

The prices on most of the sites where I looked were around $231 for the smaller one and $434 for the larger one, with shipping included. Overstock was listing them at $157.99 and $296.99, respectively. O, and shipping was free there, too. Yeehaw.

But I still had to decide if I wanted to get a 5’x7’6″ that would just fill the open space between the foot of the beds and the wall or to go with a 7’6″x9’6″ and go a little under each of the beds but fill up most of the open floor space in the middle of the room. So, I taped off both sizes with painters tape on the floor so I could visualize the sizes and decided to go with the bigger one since the smaller one wasn’t very visible from the door and left too big of a red oak gap in between the beds. Now, we’ll have to deal with the height difference of the inside of each footboard being on the rug, but I’m ok with that.

While I hemmed and hawed on the size, Overstock decided to taunt me with a 10% off rug sale. Done. With the 10% discount, I paid 262.33 for the 7’6″x9’6″. Score.

I also ordered a rug pad from Rug Pad Corner. I started using their Ultra Premium rug pads a few years ago when I ordered one for our crazy-long hallway runner and haven’t bought one elsewhere since then. Now, these pads are a little pricier than the little foamy waffle-ish weave ones, but I swear they are worth it. And they will last longer. When I was pregnant with J, I slipped on our hallway runner (with one of those cheaper rug pads under it) and fell into the wall. J and I were fine, but it shook me up, and I decided then and there I was going to spring for a truly non-slip rug pad. Since then, we also bought one like it for the family room, entry hall, and now one for J’s big boy room. Pretty much if we get a new rug and that room didn’t already have the heavy-duty kind, it gets one. I know I sound like an infomercial, but hey, safety first. Seriously. Captain Safety says so. (No, Rug Pad Corner isn’t paying me for any of this. In fact, I’m paying them. For the rug pads. I just really like their product, and they have excellent customer service. Ok, done with my sales pitch. At least until I buy another new rug :))

We originally tried to get the rug pad down by removing the mattresses and then just having Michael lift each bed individually while I got the rug pad underneath it.

Big Boy Room Rug Pad Hard WayBut, then he had the bright idea to roll each bed on its side so that we could get the rug pad and rug into place without the beds on them at all. He’s so smart. I think I’ll keep him.

Big Boy Room Rug Pad Better WayBig Boy Room Rug Rolling Out

Right about then, our big boy hero woke up from his nap, and decided he wanted to help. And by help, apparently, he just wanted to take the cardboard roll from the rug to swing around. And use to keep my camera at bay.

Big Boy Room Rug Helper

Once Michael set the beds back down on the rug, we realized the door wasn’t going to be able to close. Boo.

Big Boy Room Rug and Door Collide

So we needed to either move the whole thing about 5 inches towards the window or shave down the door. Yeah, moving the rug sounded a lot easier. And once again Michael had a great plan — he put a little picture frame underneath the footboard of each bed so he could move the rug by himself while I entertained the wild one in the next room.

Big Boy Room Rug Adjusting

Door into rug crisis averted. Now we needed to add little feet under the outer edge of each footboard and under the headboards to balance out the part of each footboard sitting on the rug. So, Michael flipped the beds back up, and we hammered some little feet on and then added little rubber gripper pads to them and he flipped them back down. Done. Yay.

Big Boy Room So Far 2

Big Boy Room So Far 1

Big Boy Room So Far 3

Big boy room rug. One more task checked off. Hooray. We might actually get J sleeping in his new big boy room before Carson Truckster shows up to take over his crib

Hmmm… what next? Need to break up some of that blue with some more pops of red!

Big Boy Room Complete
Cleared out guest room furniture
Painted (walls, ceiling, moulding)
Replaced window hardware Installed smoke detector
Replaced fan with cute orb light
Found twin beds
Bought mattresses/mattress wrappers
Bought bedding
Ordered rug/rug pad

Big Boy Room Still To-Do
Bedside table
Something for the walls

Want to see my overall vision for this room? Check out the big boy room mood board where it started.

Have you ever had such luck with a sale popping up on something you were about to order while you were making the final decision? Isn’t it a great feeling?

Pssst – are you going to be at Haven tomorrow? I am!

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