bigger and bedder

Once we found J’s new (to him) big boy beds and got them re-assembled, it was time to hunt some mattresses.  Remember how I mentioned before that my friends call me Captain Safety?  I don’t want to start any kind of debate here, but if there is even a little chance there is anything to the theory of mattress gassing, I want to combat it and protect the most precious thing in the world to me: J.

So, I started my search with organic mattresses for my boo.  Unfortunately, I determined I might have to sell a kidney (or two!) to purchase two organic mattresses for his new room.  Boo.  Boohoo.

For his crib, we bought an organic mattress and a BabeSafe cover for it to hedge my organic bet.  The cover essentially makes it where any gasses that might be released from the mattress are expelled under the mattress instead of into the face of the person sleeping there.  After a lot of searching and researching, we determined we were comfortable with a similar mattress cover over a regular twin mattress.  So, I ordered two twin-sized No-Chem Bed Solutions mattress covers made of food grade polyethylene plastic sheeting for $28 each, plus shipping.  O, and since J’s crib mattress had a cover like these, he’s used to that sound of crinkling plastic, so that doesn’t concern me in the slightest.

Big Boy Beds Mattress Wrappers

I hit Ikea for some 100% cotton fitted sheets to use under the cute truck sheets to lessen the plastic-y-ness a little.  (Same thing we did for his crib, but I didn’t think to look at Ikea for the extra crib sheets back then.)  I was super-excited that they actually sold individual fitted all-cotton twin sheets (Dvala 7.99) without having to buy whole sets.  Yay, Ikea.  For his crib, I actually liked when I used flannel sheets underneath the best, so once it’s flannel sheet season again, I’m hoping Ikea will carry some of them.

Big Boy Beds Ikea Dvala Fitted Cotton Sheets

For the mattresses themselves, the Malm beds don’t need box springs, so I found some twin mattresses sold individually at Costco for $149.  They had gotten good reviews online, so I headed to the store to check them out.  O, and as an added bonus, Costco was advertising an instant savings coupon for $30 off, so they were only $119 each.  The price was right.  And with the mattress covers, I felt comfortable with going that route.  And, they even both fit in the back of my SUV, so double-bonus.

When we got the mattresses home, Michael unwrapped them from their shipping plastic and left them out in our porch to air out for about a week before hauling them back into the house.

Big Boy Beds Mattresses

Then, it was time to wrap them.  Wowser.  Wrapping the crib mattress was so.much.easier.  Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t think of skipping this step, but dang, it was much more difficult on the bigger mattress and was definitely a two-person job.  Maybe even three people.

Big Boy Beds Mattress Wrapping 1

Michael and I wrestled the first one into its wrapper, pulled the side slack over and taped it off, shimmied it around to get it all tight enough, taped off the end slack, cut the little slits in the bottom, and wrangled it onto its slats.  We had to call it a night there.  Mattress two would just have to wait.  It was exhausting to get the mattress in, and I’m exhausted just thinking about it again.  Again, totally worth it if you are scared of all the mattress chemicals like me, but don’t attempt it alone.  Or in a hurry.

Big Boy Beds Mattress Wrapping 2

I went straight off my mood board for the bedding and ordered the Pottery Barn Kids Rugby Stripe Quilts in navy/white and the cute, little, colorful, cartoon car/truck sheets from PBK called Patrick Sheeting.  I couldn’t find either at the PB outlet in SC or TN when I was visiting there on trips these last few months, so I sucked it up and just ordered them online.

Big Boy Beds Bedding 1

Big Boy Beds Bedding 2

I still have to figure out the pillow situation.  That plain white one is just a little placeholder.  But doesn’t it all look so cute.  Aw, I just love it.  And J does, too.  Giddy up!

Next stop: the rug.

Big Boy Room Complete
Cleared out guest room furniture
Painted (wallsceiling, moulding)
Replaced window hardware
Installed smoke detector
Replaced fan with cute orb light
Found twin beds
Bought mattresses/mattress wrappers
Bought bedding

Big Boy Room Still To-Do
Bedside table
Something for the walls

Want to see my vision for this room?  Check out the big boy room mood board I made.

Anyone else used a mattress wrapper on a twin (or larger) bed before?  Got any tips?  It will be interesting when anyone else sleeps on his spare bed since most of us haven’t been sleeping on a wrapped mattress since the day we came home from the hospital like J has.

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8 thoughts on “bigger and bedder

  1. Love, love, love the coverlets. They look so crisp. Can’t wait to see the rug. Love K

  2. This looks so great! I love the navy and white striped bedding and I literally just ordered similar ones from West Elm the other day for my son’s big boy bed! And…to make it even weirder, we also have the Malm bed for him, but in full size. I think I need to order one of those mattress covers though, because it is definitely emitting a nasty smell and I was hoping it would dissipate, but maybe it’s better to order one? What do you think?

    • Thanks, Allyson! Wow, great minds think alike with the stripes and Malms! As far as the mattress covers, well, I’m not going to lie, they sound like you’re on top of plastic every time you move, that said, I am uber-paranoid about the chemicals they use to make mattresses fire-retardant, so it’s worth it in my opinion — hope that helps :)

      • Do you have a mattress pad over the cover? Do you think that would cut down on the noise? Is it really bad? Ugh, nothing can ever be perfect!

        • We didn’t put a mattress pad on his crib mattress over the cover, so we aren’t planning on one for this bed, as of now. Especially since the mattress cover handles the waterproofing. Plus, I have read there are also chemicals in the polyfill in some mattress pads (I mentioned I’m a scaredy-cat, yes?), so I’ve been trying to dodge them rather than splurging on an organic one. Instead, we have just used a couple of extra fitted sheets (flannel sheets work best) under the main sheet to make it a little softer and to cut down on the noise.

          • Okay, so sorry to be annoying….how would you rank the noise on like a 1-10 (10 being worst) kind of scale? I am seriously considering getting this, but I don’t want it to disrupt my son’s sleep I guess….

          • Ha, ha – no worries – I totally understand! To me the noise is about a 4, but I haven’t tried to sleep on it for a night. It is mainly when I get up and down that I notice it, so if you lie down with him while he falls asleep and try to sneak away, the noise may give you away. I heard about this particular cover (the only one I could find larger than crib-sized) from (skip down to Question #2) and they mentioned the downside being that “it’s pretty noisy” and the site that sells them even says it is “noisy when you move but not unbearable”. All that said, the noise doesn’t bother me, but it’s kinda subjective. I know you’re in the Atlanta area, so if you would be interested in dropping by to see/hear it in person, feel free to email me — deranchification (at) gmail (dot) com

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