trimming out j’s big boy room

When I left off with our progress on J’s big boy room, we still needed to touch up the moulding.  Michael knocked out the touch-up on the base, crown, and door casings like a champ.

Big Boy Room Crown Moulding Painting

But, we had to deal with a few other things before we could check the painting off the list.  Boo.

The ceiling had an old stain that we had been putting off painting over since we didn’t have any spare paint from the original ceiling paint, but it was time.  (You can see it to the right of the window in the picture below.)

Big Boy Room Two Coats of Paint

First, Michael sprayed on Kilz UpShot to block the stain from bleeding back through the new ceiling paint.  The color is made to match old popcorn ceilings, so we were optimistic that we might not have to repaint the entire ceiling.  But the Upshot was darker than our ceiling, so we still had to repaint it all.

Big Boy Room Ceiling Kilz

We used Behr Interior Ceiling Flat paint (low odor, low VOC) in Ultra Pure White right off the shelf.  Michael got a good shoulder workout, but luckily he was tall enough (and our ceilings are only 8 feet) to roll the paint on the ceiling without an extender or ladder.

Big Boy Room Ceiling Painting

We were almost done, but we still had to deal with the window.  The old paint on the window was peeling off and we needed to get rid of all the peely paint before we could let our sweet little man big boy have this room.  This was especially problematic because our house was built in the early 60s so there is a possibility lead paint was used.  Booooo.  We also had old rusted hardware on the window, so we wanted to replace that since we needed to take it off to paint anyway.  Big Boy Room Window Chippy Paint Rusty Hardware

So, before Michael could chip/sand it off to repaint it, we had to do a lead paint test.  Or, if you are me and your friends call you Captain Safety, a couple of different lead paint tests, just to be sure.

I got both lead paint test kits from Home Depot.  The first test I did was the 3M Lead Check Swabs Instant Lead Test.  You crack the little stick’s innards so the chemicals mix together and squeeze out a little and dab it onto the place you are testing.  Red means lead and yellow means no lead.  But I kinda felt like my result was gold – ie yellow with a little bit of red.  (The coloring on this picture actually makes it look a little more orange than it really was.)

Big Boy Room Lead Paint Test 1

Lots of things I found online said gold was clear, but well, I still needed the comfort of another test.  The second test was Klean Strip D-Lead Paint Test Kit.  We had to stamp out a little piece of paint from the window, cut the paint specimen into a bunch of smaller pieces, pour the little paint pieces into a solution, shake it, put some drops of another solution in with the paint/solution, and shake it some more.  Dark or black liquid means lead, but our solution was clear.  Hallelujah.

Once we knew we didn’t have lead paint, I was free to go back in there and help with filling the screw holes from the original hardware, and Michael was free to chip and sand off all the peeling paint.  (I still made him wear a mask, though.)  In some places, it chipped down to the bare wood, so he had to reprime those areas before he could paint.  He just used some leftover primer we already had.  Then he had to paint a couple of coats of paint on the window.

Once that was dry, it was time to put the clean, new, white hardware on the window.  We got the handles and latch on easily enough with my new (happy birthday to me!) cordless drill.

Big Boy Room Installing New Window Hardware

Michael made fun of me for being so excited about the drill – which explains his expression in the picture below when I told him to look excited. Big Boy Room Cheesy Michael Drill

But I think he realizes how awesome that little magnet that holds screws and drill bits is because he started using it to keep things close at hand :)

The new hardware is so. much. better.  Ahhhh.  Nice and clean.  And not noticeable.

Big Boy Room New Window Hardware

Especially once I lowered the blinds back down. Big Boy Room Window Done

It’s taking every bit of will power that I have not to demand we replace the rest of the window handles and latches throughout the house pronto.  Maybe once we get this big boy room done, I can bring it up.

Well, thanks to a nice long holiday weekend with lots of rain, we got all the painting (and add-on tasks) done.  Finally, I can check off painting.  Woohoo.  Woohoo.  Woohoo.  Yipee.  You get the point…

Here are checklists of what is done and what is left to do.

Big Boy Room Done
Clear out guest room furniture
Paint (2 coats of blue on the walls, touch-up painted door casings and crown and base moulding, repainted ceiling, and scraped/repainted the window)
Replaced window hardware

Big Boy Room To-Do
Light (bought one, but still need to install)
Beds (bought some, but still need to clean, touch up paint, and assemble them)
Something for the walls

Can you believe how long it took us to get all this painting done?  It sure felt like forever.  Have you ever had to check your home for lead paint?  Am I the only one who likes to take two different brands of tests to be sure?  I may have also done this with pregnancy tests… :)

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