we’re having a…

We still haven’t picked out a real name for Carson Truckster, but we now know whether Carson is a boy or a girl.  Yay. we're having a I’m getting ahead of myself…

When I was pregnant with J, I sent out a group text from the waiting room after the sonogram confirming he was a boy, but I wanted to do something more exciting this time.  Mostly so that J could have a little more understanding of what was coming.  As in, mommy isn’t going to give birth to a car…

But, as the date of the gender reveal sonogram started approaching, I knew I better figure out my plan for this big surprise for J because the grandmothers wanted to know ASAP.  And then it occurred to me that me telling the grandmothers as soon as we knew wouldn’t really affect my surprise for J since he doesn’t really understand anyway.

So, keeping up with tradition (or something like that), we sent out another group text to our families as soon as we knew.

we're having another boy

I still wanted to create some sort of gender reveal surprise for J.  There were so many cute ideas on Pinterest, but I took a fairly easy route: a blue cake.  I should warn you — I’m not going to be featured on any cake baking reality TV shows anytime soon.  If you are easily offended by bad baking, avert your eyes now.

I used a box of white cake mix since I’d be warned that a yellow cake mix would make it harder to achieve blue and look more green.  And, I just added blue food coloring to the batter until it started to look like a Smurf.  And baked it.

Not sure if I used too much non-stick spray or if it was just to be expected, but the outside of our little blue cake looked like, well, like an unappetizing greenish-brown thing.

Carson's Brownish Cake

But I proceeded on with the original plan and iced it with white sour cream icing.

Carson's Iced Cake

When we cut into it, the brown crust on the cake was still pretty visible.  Oops.  Note to self: should have iced it with chocolate icing.

Carson's Blue Cake

Regardless, J ate some blue cake and was even talking about it days later.  Still don’t think he understands why we had blue cake that night since he’s been randomly asking for it since then.  O well – it tasted pretty good :)

We’re busy working on J’s big boy room, so I should have an update on it soon!

Any tips on how to prevent your cakes from having that yucky-looking brown crust?  Or how to help a 2-year-old start to understand about a new baby on the way?


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