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College football season is only a few days away. Yippee. Which means it’s almost time for fall in my book. Even if the temperatures aren’t agreeing. Though we have had some unseasonably mild days lately, and I’m loving it. Bring. on. fall. Seriously, bring it.

With the seasons about to change, or at least on my calendar and TV schedule, I figured it was also about time for me to change out my front door wreaths. I mean, it has been over five months since we hung our St. Patrick’s Day wreaths, and well, since I don’t ever come in and out of our front doors (and no one else ever does either), I forgot how out-of-date our front door welcoming committee had become. Oops. I apologize to the UPS man and to our across-the-street neighbors for having to put up with us celebrating St. Paddy’s into August.

I found this adorable red burlap wreath that Heather from WhipperBerry made for Valentine’s Day a few years ago on Pinterest and couldn’t stop thinking about it.

WhipperBerry Red Burlap Wreath

Seriously. I originally pinned it over a year and a half ago. And have been thinking about making a pair of them ever since. Isn’t it so awesome?!

So, I decided I should make some orange ones for fall and leave them up for football season (war eagle!), Halloween, and Thanksgiving. And possibly add a few embellishments to change them up when I want to. But, let’s be honest, I just noticed I still had up wreaths from March, so they’re probably going to stay like this for the duration.

First, I had to hunt some orange burlap. My first stop was Hobby Lobby since that is where Heather found her red burlap, but I didn’t find any there. Then, I headed to a local fabric warehouse and found a bunch of fun colors of burlap there. And one of those fun colors was bright orange. Woohoo.

Next, I needed a couple of wreath forms. Heather used 12-inch ones, but I bought two 16-inch foam wreaths (and therefore needed more fabric than Heather — I ended up using closer to 2 1/2 yards per wreath) because the 12-inch ones looked small when I picked them up at the store. But, I didn’t think about how much bigger the wreaths would end up versus the actual wreath forms — 12-inch would have probably been plenty.

Next stop, to find some spray paint that was similar to the fabric color to paint my wreath forms (Rustoleum Fire Orange). Check. Then time to gather up scissors and my glue gun/glue sticks. Check, check.

Fall Burlap Wreath Materials

Next step was to spray paint the wreath forms orange. Check. (I may have actually done this step well before I was pregnant. As in, last fall. Yeah, I told you I’d been wanting to make these wreaths for a while, right?? Well, I did the prep last fall and then procrastinated until it was time for Christmas… And all the materials have been cluttering up my office ever since.)

Fall Burlap Wreaths Painted Forms

Then came for the fun of cutting all the burlap into little squares. Heather used 5-inch squares, so I did, too :)

After the squares came what I call the ice cream cones – folding the squares into half and then half the other way and rounding off one of the corners with the scissors so it kinda looks like an ice cream cone. When it came to rounding off the corner, I got a little over-zealous, so my flowers are a bit more defined than Heather’s were. Mostly because I can’t seem to follow directions sometimes. Not intentionally. I was just a little hopped up on the idea of these wreaths hanging on my front doors.

Then you’re supposed to nip the point opposite the rounded corner off. I may have done more hacking than nipping, but it seemed to work just fine. They looked like little four-leaf flowers. Or like some modern print with four circles together.

Fall Burlap Wreaths Little Flowers

Time for some glue. The fun, and slightly dangerous, part when I’m involved.

I burned myself more than once in this process, even with the glue gun on the low heat setting, so be careful. At this point, I just had to fold the little flowers back up and put a bunch of glue on the nipped/hacked off corner and stick them to the wreath form. Sounds easy enough, right?

Well, I am an impatient crafter (remember the incident with the silhouettes?) and the first few flowers spread a little far on me because I immediately released them upon the glue making contact with the form. So, I learned to hold them a little longer. But I also found a way to not have to :) I added the flowers on the inside edge and outside edges first (no way around holding those until they set, though) and then started cramming them into the middle so that they could hold each other in place. Genius, right? Well, it made for a slightly different look than Heather’s wreath, but I’m ok with it. I love how her wreath is kinda airy, and well, my tightly packed middle flowers aren’t exactly airy, but I’ll take it.

Fall Burlap Wreaths Hanging Wreath

So, yeah, remember how I was making two wreaths? One for each of our black front French doors? Specifically, not the white door pictured above? Well, it turns out my lovely French doors don’t make for very good pictures with all the windows and reflections and all. But here you go. A picture of them on our front doors.

Fall Burlap Wreaths Front Doors

O, and a cautionary tale. I originally tried to hang them on the French doors, inside the storm doors, as you can see above. But there were two problems. Awful reflections. Ok, so that’s only bad for me as a blogger and not a normal practicality, but I said there were two problems. The second was that these wreaths were so puffy that there wasn’t enough space between the two doors, and they were going to get smashed if I closed the storm doors. Boo.

So, I had to take them off the French doors (where they are protected from the elements) and move them to the outside of the storm doors. But then, again, reflections, reflections, reflections. So, without further ado, here they are where they are actually currently stationed at our home, on the outside of the storm doors. (I’m hoping to add a little more seasonal flare out there, but I’ll keep you posted on that.)

Fall Burlap Wreaths Storm Doors

And, then again on that white door where they look a little prettier for photographs :)

Fall Burlap Wreaths Hanging Wreath

Yay. My fun, new, orange burlap fall wreaths. One step closer to my goal of decorating for the seasons before this baby arrives!

O, and if you’re going to make these wreaths, be sure to check out Heather’s tutorial with many more step-by-step pictures.

Are you ready for some football? Anyone else making something they fell in love with on Pinterest lately? And then blogging about it and carrying on like you actually know the other blogger personally? :)

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