a declaration of sorts

In an attempt to organize my thoughts (and to force me to actually finish what I start), I’m going to let you in on my what-I-hope-to-get-accomplished-before-this-baby-arrives list.  O, and to answer your questions, no, we still don’t have a real name picked out, so it’s still Carson Truckster for now :)

Before Baby To Do List

1) Finishing J’s Big Boy Room
This obviously has to get done.  Unless J wants to share his current room (the nursery) with a newborn.  Which I seriously doubt he does.  I haven’t asked.  But I’m pretty sure.  But it’s for sure he doesn’t fully understand how this is all going to play out yet.  He just knows mommy’s getting bigger by the day, that she claims his baby brother is in her belly (did she eat him?), and that when he arrives (after we go to the beach and the pumpkin patch), he’ll be bearing a gift.  So, yeah, he has no clue what’s actually coming.  So, we need to get his big boy room done and let him move in on his own terms before his gift-bearing baby brother shows his face around here and turns this place upside-down.  Still to do: decorate the walls, figure out the blackout curtain situation, clean out the closet to make room for J’s clothes, bring in J’s clothes and toys…
Mood Board for J's Big Boy Room

2) Update the Nursery for Carson
Once J moves out of the nursery, there are a few updates I want to complete before the new little guy moves in.  When I showed you the nursery a little while back, I mentioned some possible updates, but that was before we knew if Carson was a boy or a girl.  Now that we know he’s a boy, there isn’t much on the list.  But, there are still some updates that still need to be made.  First of all, I need to replace J’s name on the wall above the crib.  That shouldn’t be that hard since I had it done in vinyl instead of painting it on, but yeah, I figure I should get that knocked out as part of the you’ve-outgrown-the-nursery-and-been-promoted-to-a-big-boy-room festivities.  Secondly, I want to figure out a better solution for all those stuffed animals.  I never loved the 80s-style net they are all wrangled up in now, but it has also stretched out from the weight of the zoo it’s been holding these last two-and-some-change years so I’m a little concerned it may start raining cats, dogs, and monkeys soon.  And even more concerned they may crash into the lamp on the table and make some trouble.  So, yeah, the name on the wall and the crazy animal net need to be dealt with.  Otherwise, I just need to get everything in there spick and span and move out J’s big boy toys and clothes and back in the infant stuff from the basement.

Nursery Big Picture

3) Organize My Home Office/Craft Room
This one is the biggest bear of them all.  Ugh.  It makes me sweat just thinking about it.  But it has to get done.  This is the room I use the most and yet also the one I throw everything into and close the door when people are coming over.  I would love to show you a picture, but until I get past phase 0 of the initial decluttering, well, you all might call Hoarders on me.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen this sneak peek of something I just bought for my new office earlier this week — they need some work (which is why I got a great deal on them!), but they will help organize some of the papers that are all loosey-goosey everywhere in here.

Office Redesign Ballard Designs Backroom Last Call Original Home Office File Cabinets

4) Finish the Hallway
I started the hallway how many months ago?  Yeah, I don’t know either.  And it’s a small room with not many tasks, and yet, I still haven’t gotten it completed.  Boo.  I’d love to get Michael to finish the touch-up painting around the moulding, find a new more neutral (lower pile) runner, and to start getting the gallery up on the walls.  But don’t hold me to that gallery part.  I’m still debating exactly how I want to do it.  And it doesn’t have to get done before Carson arrives.  But it would be nice.

Hallway New Pendant Lights

5) Decorate for the Holidays
Carson is due a little before Thanksgiving, so I’m hoping to decorate for Halloween, put it all back in an organized manner (wishful thinking), decorate for Thanksgiving, and at least start planning for decorating for Christmas in my mind before he shows up and sucks the sleep and sense out of me.  And while I’m making lofty-ish goals, I’d love to purge our basement of all of the old Christmas decorations I bought right out of college that I haven’t ever used.  We’ll see how far I get on that one.

Ok, so, there you have it: my before baby to do list.  That should be enough to keep me busy for a while.  Or at least the next 14 weeks or so…  O, and you know while I’m home on maternity leave, I’ll come up with a million more updates I want to make around here before I go back to work.

What’s on your really-want-to-accomplish-soonish list?  Does it help you stay on track by shouting your to-dos to the world?

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