hit the ground, er, hall running

In hopes of getting one of the items on my pre-baby to-do list knocked out before the end of this month, I decided to start back up on the hallway since it is the closest to being done of the five tasks.  Pretty much, I just need to find a more neutral hall runner, to convince Michael to touch-up paint the molding, and to decide which way I want to go with our picture gallery.

Remember how off it looks now with the bright new modern silhouettes at the end of the hall and the traditional patterned runner rug?

Hallway New Pendant Lights

Crazy-town, right?

I have been looking everywhere for a runner the same length (20 feet) or longer than the one we already have.  For years.  Until recently, I hadn’t had any luck in my price range and had been weighing some options between having a piece of remnant carpet bound or having several smaller runners bound together.

Then, finally!  When I was looking for something else online a few weeks ago, I found a bunch of runners in my 20 to 22 foot range on Overstock.com. I was bouncing off the walls, and Michael still wanted to explore the bound remnant route.  Boo.

Luckily, the few I’d narrowed it down to on Overstock were going to be less expensive than going the remnant route.  So, I just continued to watch them for a few weeks until they went on an additional 15% off sale.  At that point, there was no way a carpet remnant could compete, so Michael agreed to go with one of my natural fiber choices.  Yay.

I pretty much had it narrowed down between a seagrass herringbone one (like the one we have in our den) and a woven jute one (similar to the one we have in our family room).

Hall Rug Runner Options Seagrass or Jute

We ended up picking the sisal herringbone one because we’ve had the one in our den for ten years now and it has held up really well even though it gets a lot of wear since it’s in our main walkway from the back door (our main entry) and the rest of the house.  I love the rug in our family room, but it is softer, so it sheds a decent amount and something similar might not hold up to the wear it would get in the hallway.

Hall Rug Seagrass Runner on Sale on Overstock

So, once I had the runner rug picked out, I ordered it and contacted the rug pad company (remember how I’m obsessed with the ones at Rug Pad Corner?) about what to do about our existing rug pad.  The new rug will be the same width but two feet longer, so I wasn’t sure if I would need a new rug pad or if there was a way to extend the one we already had.  Luckily, they told me I could just buy a small extension piece and that they would send me the proper tape to attach it with.  Woohoo.  Much cheaper than a new rug pad.

So, once both packages arrived, I vacuumed the old one and took some pictures (to use to sell it), rolled it up, and started opening up my packages.

I rolled out my new rug pad extension right next to our existing rug pad and used the special tape they sent me to attach them together.  I wasn’t sure exactly how to tape them but decided to go with several smaller pieces across the two rather than a long one along the seam.

Hall Rug Runner Rug Pad and Extension Taped Together

Once the extension was taped onto the rug pad, I got out the new runner and started rolling it out.  The end was still a little curled up from being rolled up, so I had to put a few heavy items on that part for a couple of days to help it straighten back out.

Hall Rug Runner Curled Up End

After a couple of days, the curl was gone, and we’re all set.

Hall Rug New Superlong Neutral Seagrass Runner

So. much. better.  Now, I don’t have to worry about clashing with the rug when I want to change up the gallery or silhouette art and get crazy.  And yay, one more part of the hallway project is down.  Only two more parts to go.

I’m not sure if I love the border being so much the same color as the rug itself, so once we get the gallery completed if it still seems kinda blah, I may end up painting the border another color.  We did it on the one in the den (from maroon to black), and it has held up for 10 years with no issues.  I’ll keep you posted.

Here’s a recap of what all has been done so far in this hallway makeover:
Spackled and painted the walls (and painted again)
– Made modern silhouettes for the end of the hallway (and fixed them)
Replaced the light fixtures
– Updated the rug

And here’s what’s still left to do:
– Repaint/touch-up the moulding
– Rearrange the “gallery” and include a more exciting arrangement than before

How much longer do you think it will be before I can talk Michael into touching up all my rough around the molding edges in the hall?  Hopefully, I can get the picture gallery plan formulated by then.

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2 thoughts on “hit the ground, er, hall running

  1. Love the rug! We looked into binding remnants, and it seems strangely pricey. Way more than a similarly sized rug. I’m not sure why.

    • Thanks, Emily! Yeah, we have had friends have remnants bound but the cost per linear foot made a rug this size pretty pricey even when we were looking at cheap remnants :(

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