just can’t get enough

Once we got the new pendant lights installed in the hallway, I loved them so much that I knew I wanted to go find another one for the adjacent entryway.  Funny, since the first one I bought was originally earmarked for the entry, but I was afraid it was too boxy since we had all the board and batten going on in there already and decided to use it in the hallway instead.  Well, I guess I’ve come all the way back around.  I just think Eldridge is such a looker that the angles are no longer an issue.  Plus, I thought it would be nice to use the same fixture since they can be seen at the same time for a number of rooms.  So, Eldridge as our new entryway light, it is. Entryway Pendant Lights

So, I made a trip to the Ballard Outlet/Backroom with Michael’s mom on my birthday and was lucky enough to get the last one they had in stock.  Yay.  And happy birthday to me.  Woohoo.

I didn’t realize it when I bought it because I was so ecstatic that I found one on my first trip looking for this additional one, but the cord had been cut shorter than the normal out-of-the-box length.  It was still plenty long since we only have 8-foot ceilings and needed less than a foot of the cord and chain.  No worries.  But just something to check when you are buying a light fixture at an outlet where there are no returns unless the electrical doesn’t work.

Remember what the old light looked like?  Originally, it was aged brass.

Entry, circa 2003

Then, I spray painted it oil rubbed bronze and removed the etched glass panes in attempt to make it more my style.

Entry, circa 2012

But, it was still a no-go, so it was finally time to take it down — after ten years of living with it and seeing if it grew on me or if I could come up with a way to alter it so that it could.

Entryway Pendant Light Remove Old One

Nothing too exciting with the installation, but Michael was in charge this time (since I’m not allowed on the ladder at 24 weeks pregnant) with me as his sous-electrician.  Is there such a thing?  Well, now there is.  You’re welcome, Miriam-Webster.  O, and while you’re at it, go ahead and add ‘deranchification’ :)

Entryway Pendant Light Install New One

Entryway New Pendant Light

Eldridge, I love you.  I just can’t get enough.  Seriously, all of the lights in our house should be put on notice that I’m looking for a reason to replace them with an Eldridge :)

Do have a favorite light fixture in your house?  Ever installed it in more than one room?  Or do you think someone would be crazy for doing such a thing??

I had an insanely awesome time at Haven this weekend and can’t wait to tell you about it.  But I’m delirious now and must sleep first, so watch for a Haven recap on Wednesday.

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