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As I mentioned in my pre-baby to-do list last week, I’m gunning for an office revamp.  Currently, our office serves as my home office, my craft room, and sadly, my place to stash all the junk from the common areas when we have guests.  But that needs to change.  I need to organize it and stop using it as a dumping ground.  And man, is that an understatement.  So, I need a new home office plan.

From the beginning…  Here is what the office looked like when we bought the house back in 2003.

Office, circa 2003

At that point, both Michael and I worked from home and needed to share the space.  So, without a lot of space planning, we got it ready for two desks.  Initially, one desk was made of two old file cabinets we painted black, topped with an old door (from Michael’s parents).  Then, we needed to find another desk and were lucky enough to find a couple of file cabinets and a desk topper at Ballard Backroom.  But it wasn’t as tall as the other one, so we built a box platform to raise it up to the height of the other one and added some base molding to pretty it up a little.  Other than that, we pretty much just added some faux wood blinds at that point.

Fast forward a few years, and we ditched the original file cabinet/door desk (and our DIYed base for our Ballard desk) and bought another set of file cabinets and a desk topper from Ballard, as well as a corner desk topper to attach them together to make one giant L desk.  We also painted the office walls (Behr Fossil Stone) and replaced the old builder basic light fixture from the 60’s with one a tad bit better – at least it was from the 2000’s and oil rubbed bronze (exactly like the ones we just took down in the hallway to replace with those beautiful Eldridge pendants) but still not my favorite.

Office Paint Behr Fossil Stone

At some point, we also changed out the hinges and door knobs and inherited a big storage piece and small couch from his parents to fill out the room.

Office, circa 2006

Since then, we moved out the little couch and brought in a tall project table for my crafts, added crown molding, and added a magnetic chalkboard above the desk under the window.

So, here is where we are now.

Office Floorplan Before Revamp

Ok, yeah, so maybe that’s more where I hope to be in the next week or so after I get a handle on some of the junk in there.  This is probably a little closer to what it actually looks like now.

Office Floorplan Before Revamp With Junk

So, on to my plan.

Well, for one, I want to add more storage without taking up a ton more space than we are now.  And part of that plan includes more of the Ballard Designs Original Home Office file cabinets like we are already using for both desks.  But they are a bit over my budget brand new ($249 each), especially considering how many I need.  When I went out to the Ballard Outlet last week, I was lucky enough to run across these two 4-drawer tall file cabinets in the “Last Call” section.  So, instead of their normal price of $479 (or their outlet price of $358.99), I got each of the 4-talls for 33.99 each.  Woohoo.  Ok, so the drawers don’t work right now, but my plan is to pull the drawers out of the tall cabinets, cut down those two cabinets to re-use for shorter 2-tall cabinets, and make two more 2-tall cabinets. So, in the end, I’ll have 4 2-tall file cabinets out of the drawers from these two 4-tall cabinets so that I can make a 4-cabinet console/credenza.

Office File Cabinet Plan 2 4-Tall to 4 2-Tall

So, here is my big office/craft room plan:
– clean up the initial clutter
– repaint the walls
– take out one of the desk chairs
– recover the other desk chair
– replace the light fixture
– remove the closet door
– paint inside of closet
– re-organize the closet
– shift around the room and add storage
– replace the window hardware (like we did in J’s new room)
– get it all organized

So that’s the grand plan.  And, I (hopefully) have the next 3 months to get it all done before the baby is born.  Now, I’m trying to figure out the color scheme so I can have Michael paint it once I get the initial decluttering done.

Do you have a room that becomes a dumping zone and always takes the brunt of the junk rush when company is coming?  Or have you ever bought a piece of broken furniture with big hopes of revamping it?  Did it work out??

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4 thoughts on “the state of the office

  1. We have the same problem. Our office is our catch all and dumping ground. It is always a mess and it’s so hard when I’m working in there. Right now the futon is full of things from Haven. Sigh…

    BTW, love the office color. We’re testing grey in our living room, and I really like that one!

    • Yeah, one of my piles is some of the stuff from Haven, too – and the rest is just junk from everywhere else… I really need to get a handle on it – hopefully, once I resituate it a bit and add more storage, I will keep it clean :)

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