blogiversary: one

What the what?  A post on a Tuesday?  Well, in honor of the first blogiversary of deranchification, there is a bonus post today.  Woohoo.  I know, right?

Blogiversary 1

Well, don’t get too excited.  I mean, be very excited about the first blogiversary, absolutely.  Just don’t get your hopes up too high for what you’ll read today.  Today’s post is like a little time-capsule of how far the blog has come this year.  Tomorrow I’ll be back with what I’ve been working on.

This time last year, I was a reader of a bunch of blogs, a crafter, and a DIYer, so I decided to start this little blog.  And, well, it got off to a slow start.  I’m pretty sure only people I knew personally read it for those first few months.  And I just posted here and there, with no real schedule.

Then, I got a little too ambitious and tried to publish three posts a week and couldn’t keep up that pace too long.  I work Monday through Thursday at my nerdy computer job and finally accepted that I needed to drop back down to two posts per week so I could actually get some sleep.  So, I picked Monday and Wednesday for my posting days.  Well, mostly.  I’ve still had my off weeks — especially once the pregnancy exhaustion kicked in — but I’ve got a reasonable-ish plan at this point.

So, yes, onto the rundown of what happened this year.
– I knew 0 other bloggers personally this time last year
– I published 70 posts
– I received 193 comments (ok, 80 of those were actually me responding to y’all’s comments)
– I went to 3 blogging conferences
– I met a bunch of other bloggers and made some great friends
– I got 8 shout-outs on other blogs: Young House Love, Bower Power, Ugly Duckling House, Days With Us, Heart Soul & Family, Gourley Girl & Guy, Organizing Homelife, and Ciburbanity
– I got featured on 2 other sites: Apartment Therapy and (just yesterday!) At Home on the Bay
– I started growing my 2nd human

Yeah, I mean, for what is still a little ol’ blog, it has been a pretty big year for me.  So, anyway, I just wanted to say thanks.  Thanks for stopping by today.  Thanks for all your drop-bys.  Feel free to come by more often.  And to bring a friend or ten :)

O, and to comment or email me.  I love reading  It’s like proof someone other than my mom and Michael’s mom are reading :)

What about you?  Are you celebrating anything this month?  I mean, other than football season, the start of fall, and deranchification’s first blogiversary?

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8 thoughts on “blogiversary: one

  1. Hey, congrats on the blogiversary!! Found you through YHL so this is the first post I’m reading over here. Gonna delve in though!! It’s always exciting to discover something new.


    P.S. I would invite you over to my blog but it’s only in Dutch for now. Working on an english version.

    • Thanks, Erik! Let me know when your blog is available in English – I would love to check it out! Thanks for stopping by!

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