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Ahhhh, we’ve had some nicer cooler days around here lately, and I’m loving this fall weather.  Man, I hope it is here to stay for a while!  And just like the last cool spell we had, it’s gotten me in the mood for another fall craft.  Yay.  J loves pumpkins.  I mean, loves.  So, I thought I’d make a little pumpkin craft for him to admire.  Especially since I have been collecting the things since he showed so much interest in them last fall.  Did I mention he tried to uh, borrow, a large one from a neighbor’s porch while trick-or-treating last year?  Yeah…

So, I set out to make him some pumpkin topiaries that we can use to decorate around here throughout the fall and that I can also enjoy through his excitement as he yells out ‘pumpkin’ every few minutes when he sees them.  Seriously.  Seriously adorable.

Here are the supplies I used for each topiary.  (I made 2)
– small flower pot
– 3 different sizes of small pumpkins (I got mine at Hobby Lobby)
– scissors
– hot glue
– foam for inside of pot
– leaves
– paint (to change color of pots – I used Delta Burnt Umber)

Pumpkin Topiaries Supplies

First, I removed the stems from the 2 larger pumpkins.  I kinda had to to twist them a little as I pulled them out to keep them from tearing up the area around the holes.

Pumpkin Topiaries Remove Stems

Next, I shortened what I’m calling the tails on all 3 pumpkins.  You know, the little stakes to stab them into an arrangement…  I used the scissors to cut the plastic all the way around then bent the remaining metal so it snapped.  Easy enough.

Pumpkin Topiaries Shorten Tails

Then, I shot some hot glue down into the stem hole in the top of the largest pumpkin and added an extra button of glue on top.

Pumpkin Topiaries Glue

Next, I fed the middle-sized pumpkin’s tail/stake into the stem hole and glue on the larger pumpkin.

And repeated the last two steps with the glue on the middle-sized pumpkin and attaching the smallest pumpkin on top of it.  So that all 3 pumpkins are attached together.

Pumpkin Topiaries Stack Together

Once I had my little 3 pumpkin towers created, I realized I needed to paint my pots brown because I didn’t like the green with them.  Not sure how I didn’t realize that at the beginning…  O well.  (That is why there is a random newspaper ad in the next pic, though – I was using it to keep paint off the table.)

Then, I cut a 6″ foam circle into fourths and put one into each pot and placed my leaves on top.  (My leaves were from a garland I found at Garden Ridge, so I cut a few links off the garland chain and used the links to hold the leaves on, but you could just hot glue them if yours don’t stay on their own.)

Pumpkin Topiaries Leaves

Then, i just stabbed the bottom pumpkin’s stake through the leaves’ links and into the foam and adjusted them until I got them straight.

Pumpkin Topiaries 2

Pumpkin Topiaries 1

How are you preparing for fall?  Making any fun fall crafts?  Or just enjoying some cooler temps?

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    • Thanks, Jill! They are so super-easy – the hardest part for me was finding where I’d stored my little pots in the basement :)

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