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I originally had my heart set on blackout curtains for J’s big boy room, but once we got the two beds set up, it became obvious curtains weren’t going to work with how close the beds came to the edge of the window.  Boo.  So, I started looking for other blackout options to use with the blinds.  We ended up deciding on the Pottery Barn Kids Twill Roman Shade because we had heard good things about their blackout curtains and shades and because it was cordless.  So, I ordered the blackout shade in white and waited for it to arrive.

Our window casing measures 44 1/4″ wide, so we went with the 44″ shade since we were planning to hang it outside the window (since the blinds are already inside the window) and up higher.  Our windows aren’t a normal size, so I’m glad we were already planning to hang it outside the window frame, or having to find one to fit our 39″ window would have complicated things.

In the meantime, my parents came to visit, and J decided that since other people were sleeping in his big boy room, he wanted to, too.  Yay.  And ever since he slept in there with my mom, he has slept in there and not his crib.  Yay for being a big boy.  Boo for me having a much smaller window of time to get things done in there since we used to be able to get tasks knocked out during his naptime or after he had gone to bed at night.  No longer.  So, yeah, expect the big boy room updates to be a little more peppered about, now that it’s occupied.

Once the shade arrived, I started making measurements so that Michael and I could get it hung as quickly as possible once he got home from work.  Each T marks a spot for a bracket.  (J thought the T’s were planes on his big boy wall, and he was so excited.  Guess I better start planning for some more planes in there…)

Big Boy Blackout Measuring to Install Shade 0

Apparently, my measurements couldn’t be trusted, and he started again.

Big Boy Blackout Measuring to Install Shade 1

Next, it was time to drill the pilot holes and screw the brackets up there.  Pretty standard stuff.

Big Boy Blackout Installing Shade Brackets

And then it was time to install the shade.  Woohoo.

Big Boy Blackout Installing Roman ShadeA fairly quick little process and something else checked off my list.  Yay.

Big Boy Room Blackout Shade Up

Big Boy Room Blackout Shade Down

For those of you wondering how the cordless Roman shade works, there are two layers to it: the back layer functions like a roller shade and the front layer looks like a Roman shade.  It is pretty cool – when you pull it down a little so it will roll itself up, it rolls up slowly instead of flying up like the roller shades I remember as a kid.  Seriously cool.

Big Boy Room Complete:
Cleared out guest room furniture
Painted (walls, ceiling, moulding)
Replaced window hardware
Installed smoke detector
Replaced fan with cute orb light
Found twin beds
Bought mattresses/mattress wrappers
Bought bedding
Ordered rug/rug pad
Added toy storage
Installed blackout shade

Big Boy Room Still To-Do:
Fill toy shelf
Add pops of red
Bedside table?
Something for the walls (monogram, racing stripes, something to balance how short everything in the room is…)

Check out the big boy room mood board to see my overall vision for this room. Mood Board for J's Big Boy Room

Have you installed any curtains or shades lately?  This is the first window treatment we haven’t hung wider than the window in a while…

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6 thoughts on “feeling shade-y

  1. Love the curtain! I want to put some roman curtains in my bedroom. Do they really keep the light out?

    • It does a great job of keeping the light out, but by hanging ours higher than the window (sticks out an inch or two from the wall) and not much wider than the window, some light does get around the edges – if you want a total blackout, I would go a little wider than we did or inside the window frame.

  2. So fun! Just stumbled onto your blog from YHL and love (and indentify) with your style! My kids are same distance as yours (2010,2012) and it took me 1.5 years to finish Everett’s big boy room :) can’t wait to see how this turns out!

    • Aw, thanks, Kristen – so glad you stopped by! I still have several to-do’s for J’s big boy room — hopefully, I will get them knocked out soon-ish. Just checked out your blog and that picture of your kiddos holding hands in your latest post just melts my heart — can’t wait for my boys to be best friends!!

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