stripes, stripes, and more stripes

Remember how I’m uber-paranoid about hanging things over J’s bed? I decided to go with red racing stripes to decorate the walls by his beds since they can’t fall down and hurt him. We went back and forth about whether to paint them or to go with vinyl ones (like we did with the things on the wall in his nursery). We ultimately decided to go with vinyl – partly because I knew if there was going to be a chance of getting it done it better be something I could help with instead of just helping to tape of the stripes and waiting for Michael to paint them and also because Michael voted for them since he thought vinyl ones would be easier.

So, I mocked up a few options in Photoshop so he could help me decide what we wanted them to look like. Pretty much, the options were between two or three stripes and between just the headboard/window wall or the other walls, too.

Big Boy Stripes Layout Options

Then, I let Michael decide which he liked best. And he picked the one on the top right: three stripes and only on the headboard wall.

I thought about ordering a roll of red adhesive vinyl and trying to cut them myself but knew I wouldn’t be to get them perfectly straight and would get frustrated. So, I ordered our vinyl stripes on Etsy (called “vipes” by the Etsy shop where I bought them): 2-inch stripes for the top and bottom ones and a 6-inch stripe for the middle one. And I nagged reminded Michael until they arrived that I wanted to hang them as soon as they came.

When they arrived, the directions said to unpackage them from their shipping tube and let them lie flat overnight, so we couldn’t hang them until the next night.

Luckily, J spent the night at his grandparents’ house that night so we could get them all applied. I started by taping them up on the wall (without any measurements) with painter’s tape just to get an idea of how high we wanted them to be. (The stripes are not bright red in the picture because they came with transfer paper attached. Once they were all on the wall, we peeled off that paper and they came to life.)

I also added marks for how high each of the headboards for the someday-beds (yes, I’m still planning to go with beds with storage underneath like I had in the mood board once J is big enough to get up in them) for his room are: the Pottery Barn Kids Belden Bed and the Ana White Farmhouse Storage Bed.

Big Boy Stripes Deciding Height

We decided the stripes on the left seemed too high with his current beds, and since the taller headboard mark was for the Ana White bed, we knew if we ended up going that route, we could modify the design a little for a shorter headboard since we would be building it ourselves.

So, we set the height for the bottom stripe, marked it on each side of the window, and used our laser level to ensure the marks on both sides were level with each other. Then, we got it where we wanted it, temporarily taped it in place, and trimmed the extra off of the corner end. Then, we just peeled off the backer paper on the window end and started applying it from there with Michael smoothing it out with the little tool they provided us (but a credit card would also work). Next, we peeled off the other section of backer paper, got the bottom edge on the corner mark, and smoothed from the middle out to there.

We weren’t able to get many pictures since most of it was a two-man job. But, here is Michael smoothing out the first stripe after we had removed all the backer paper and I got a chance to pick up the camera.

Big Boy Stripes Application in Process

We decided to do the bottom stripe on the other side next, for whatever reason. Then, we jumped back over to the right side and applied the middle and upper stripes. My original design called for 2-inch spaces between the stripes, and we ended up going with that when we applied them even though we could have changed it up if we wanted since the stripes came individually instead of pre-set on one piece of transfer paper.

Big Boy Stripes One Side Done

Then, we jumped over and repeated the process on the left side. Once they were all up, it was time to remove the transfer paper. Michael stopped for water, and I jumped right in. I didn’t realize he had tricked me and grabbed the camera. Nothing like capturing pictures of a super-pregnant lady in action. Sleeveless. Ugh. Note to self: nothing without sleeves from here on out. And be sure to wear the camera around your neck so other people can’t commandeer it… In any event, it’s nice to be the one that edits the pics :)

Big Boy Stripes Peeling Off Transfer Paper

Here is everything once it was all done. The flash bounced off the stripes on the right and made them look like a different color than the ones on the left, but they are all the same color — and look more like the ones on the left in person.

Big Boy Stripes All Done

I love the red and that they take up so much space visually. And you know I love, love, love stripes. Michael originally tried to stop me from adding more stripes after the bedding and said a striped rug would clash. At this point, I think he’s given up and embraced my stripe-loving-ness. And that I don’t obey design rules. I know, I’m a rebel.

O, and as you can see, I added a fun little red J pillow – you know I can never get enough monograms around here. I got it here on Etsy. I need one for the other bed but just can’t decide if I want to go with another J, an R (his middle initial), a K (our last initial), or a number…

The little red blankets at the foot of each bed are some that Michael’s mom had at her house. I love that extra pop of red. Since they’re fleece, they have been collecting insane amounts of dog hair already. Boo. Think I may try to find some small red cotton blankets at some point.

O, and since we have that little red knitted pouf and I don’t want anything with sharp edges that J could get hurt on, I’m taking a bedside table off the list.

Are we there yet? Feels like we’re getting close to calling this big boy room done. Man, it sure would be nice to check off 1 of my 5 pre-baby to-do list tasks….

Big Boy Room Complete:
Cleared out guest room furniture
Painted (walls, ceiling, moulding)
Replaced window hardware
Installed smoke detector
Replaced fan with cute orb light
Found twin beds
Bought mattresses/mattress wrappers
Bought bedding
Ordered rug/rug pad
Added toy storage
Convinced our little darling to start sleeping in his big boy room
Installed blackout shade and added a safety on the blinds cord
Added red racing stripes on the wall over J’s beds
Added some other red accents (J pillow, blanket, pouf)

Big Boy Room Still To-Do:
Fill toy shelf
Red pillow for the other bed
Something for the walls (monogram, something to balance how short everything in the room is…)
Clear out my junk from the closet and move in J’s clothes

Check out the big boy room mood board to see my overall vision for this room.
Mood Board for J's Big Boy Room

Do you love stripes as much as I do? Got any rooms with more than one set of stripes in it? O, and what red and white letter pillow do you think I should get for the other bed? J, R, K, or a number?

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8 thoughts on “stripes, stripes, and more stripes

  1. Katie, I love it! I love how creative you are with this room! I never would have thought about ordering vinyl off of etsy, but it’s perfect! And the stripes totally don’t clash–they look great!
    Your “big boy room” series is so detailed–I’ve never even thought about doing something so involved…I’m trying not to be envious of your mad skill!
    What’s the baby countdown at now???

    • Aw, thanks, Brooke! We ordered the vinyl animals and monogram for J’s nursery walls off of Etsy a few years back because I knew they would be hard for me to paint, otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have thought to look there for stripes and I’d still be waiting for Michael to paint them :) I’ve still got 10 more weeks on the baby countdown – feels like forever still…

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