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Number 2 on my big pre-baby to-do list is to update the nursery for the new baby. Who has a name now. Woohoo. You may have guessed, based on how I refer to our first son simply as J on the blog, that I’ll have a similar initial-only-name for this one, and you would be right. The new baby’s name is W. Or at least it starts with a W. But he’ll simply be W here. Anyway, since J has been sleeping exclusively in his big boy room for over a month and all of his clothes have been moved into his new closet, I’m finally getting on the nursery updates for W.

Nursery Changing Table Animals

When I originally showed you the nursery, I mentioned a few things we might update for the new baby, but that was before we knew if Carson W was a boy or a girl. Once we found out W was going to be a boy, that list shrunk to only a few items:
– change out wall initial/name over crib
– take down the stuffed animal net and find another way to use the stuffed animals
– move out J clothes/toys & move in infant W clothes/toys
– touch-up paint/clean

Nursery Big Picture

I started by taking down all of the stuffed animals in the net on the wall over the glider.  We still need to patch the hook holes and touch-up paint, but the demolition of the stuffed menagerie is complete.  O, and you can see I also added a little blue W there on the table, too.  Yay.  I love letters.  (It is just one of those plain cardboard letters from JoAnn that I painted with some leftover blue paint from the number paintings I made for the family room.)  The walls in that little corner look awfully empty now, so I may have to come up with something to put there.

Nursery Update No Animal Net

I set aside a few animals to decorate with and used the rest as stuffing inside a bean bag cover.  That way, we can rotate the animals around between being in storage and being out but not have a million stuffed animals loose in our house at any one time.

Nursery Update Stuffing Animals in Bean Bag

I found a plain, navy bean bag cover at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for 14.99 and had a $5 off $15 coupon, so I was able to get it for about $10.  It definitely helped prove my concept, but as Michael pointed out, the shiny, little bean bag sorta looks like a trash bag thrown onto the floor…  So, I think I may look for a non-shiny, navy bean bag.  I’ll let you know where we land on that one, but for now, we have the shiny one.

And apparently, he’s a little camera-shy because I haven’t taken a picture of him in all his glory yet.  Maybe because we’re blinded by the reflection off his shininess.  Or maybe because I just thought he was a trash bag and dodged him in all the photos I took in there.  Or maybe I just keep forgetting….  I will definitely get a pic and include it in my next nursery update, though.

Next, I took J’s vinyl monogram off the wall over the crib.

Nursery Update J Wall Monogram

And pulled off a few pieces of paint in my haste to complete the task…

Nursery Update Pulled Off Paint

So, there’s a little extra touch-up painting for Michael. Oops. No worries. But it made me decide whether to wait for him to paint (plus 3 weeks for it to cure all the way) before I could apply W’s vinyl monogram to the wall or position W’s monogram a few inches lower on the wall than J’s was. So, I went with moving it down because I knew if I waited for Michael, it might not happen before W shows up and wants to see his room.

So, I’ve made a few baby steps (pun intended!) in there, but I still have a few to go.  Hopefully, I can get them knocked out in the next week and the next update will say it is all done.  Hopefully.

Nursery updates complete:
Took down J monogram over crib
Put up W monogram over crib
Took down the stuffed animal net
Stuffed a bean bag with most of the stuffed animals
Moved out J clothes
Moved out J toys

Nursery updates still to-do:
Decorate with a few stuffed animals
Move in infant clothes
Move in infant toys
Michael touch-up paint walls
? Get a less-shiny, navy bean bag cover
? Figure out something on the walls where the animals were

Now, if I could just get Michael to stop using the changing table in the nursery for J…

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