bring on baby w

Sorry I’ve been such a slacker and haven’t posted lately. I have actually been working on a million different things around here. Just hadn’t made it far enough with any of them to post about them yet. But, we finally finished updating everything in the nursery for baby number 2. Woohoo. I mean, W’s due in about two weeks, so it was about time.

Nursery Update Changing Table

Michael finished the touch-up painting.  Finally.

We raised the platform on the crib back up to new baby height, and I unpinned the bedskirt that I had pinned shorter each time had lowered the platform for J.  I still need to steam it but something tells me W won’t notice if I don’t get around to it :)

Nursery Update Crib Platform Raised

I found a new non-shiny, navy bean bag cover from Land of Nod that is perfect. And no one that has seen it yet has confused it with being a garbage bag, so that’s something. O, and since I forgot to get a picture of the original, shiny one for the last post about the nursery updates, here it is in all its shiny, garbage-bag-y glory.

Nursery Update Shiny Bean Bag

And here’s the new one.  Woohoo.

Nursery Update Stuffed Animal Bean Bag

Then, we brought up all the newborn toys, clothes, and equipment and got everything cleaned up and ready for W.

Nursery Update Toy Bin & Animal Pictures

We even got the car seat installed in my car. I know that doesn’t relate to W’s room, but it was one of those tasks I needed to get knocked out so I could say I was officially ready for #2’s arrival. That said, bring it on, W. I’m ready. Or at least I am until I think of something I’ve forgotten and panic.

Nursery updates complete:
Took down J monogram over crib
Put up W monogram over crib
Took down the stuffed animal net
Stuffed a bean bag with most of the stuffed animals
Moved out J clothes
Moved out J toys
Raised back up the crib mattress platform
Got a less-shiny, navy bean bag cover
Moved in infant clothes
Moved in infant toys
Touched up paint

Nursery updates still to-do:
Figure out something on the walls where the animals were
Steam crib bedskirt

Ok, so technically there are still a few to-do items left on my list, but I’m not going to let them stress me out too much.  And if they don’t get done, oh well.  But if they do, I’ll let you know.

Is it just me or does the last month before your due date seem to crawl by?!

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    • Thanks, Evie Tracy! The animals over the changing table are actually adhesive vinyl (from Etsy) – they are definitely my favorite part about the room!!

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